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2017 Crabtown Showdown

Mite C Division


  • There will be 2 locker rooms available per game slot, so two teams will need to get dressed in one locker room together for each game.
  • The rink will assign you with the team you are playing


  • Each team plays three games, then placed into 1-6 place. 1st plays 2nd for championship game, while 3rd plays 4th and 5th vs 6th for consolation game
  • Two 24 minute periods, stop time every 2 minutes for line change
  • 4 on 4 with goalies using regulation size nets (half ice format)
  • 1 minute penalty durations
  • Face offs after each 2 minute period and goals
  • Scorekeeper will record goals, but will not record player scoring and assisting the goal. Teams are responsible for keeping record of that information

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