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Tournament Application Process

Your Application

Teams must electronically submit the form below and make full payment to have a completed application on file with Showdown Tournaments.   Each completed application receives a time stamp, which will be used to determine tournament acceptance and hotel priority.  We will not guarantee tournament or hotel placement for your team for partially completed applications.  All registration should be completed electronically using the form on our website. Besides this form we may send you a game record form to obtain information not available on the web.

TWO required parts of a complete application:

(1) Online Registration Form Including:

  • Team Contact and Information (pertinent for contacting teams and understanding caliber of play)
  • USA Hockey Team Roster (copy must be approved by district register) – you will upload this as a PDF with your registration form
  • Hotel Registration (all non-local teams must stay at a host hotel)
  • Showdown Olympic Roster (submit original entry-you are not required to submit changes)

Click to Submit an Application Form

(2) Tournament Fee (must be paid in full at time of application)

  • Option 1: Electronic payment using PayPal (includes a small processing fee)
  • Option 2: Check/Money Order – mail to Showdown Tournaments, 1321 Swan Drive, Annapolis, MD 21409
  • NOTE: please review the discount section below to see if any apply before submitting your payment

Click to Make a PayPal Payment


Teams applying to a single Showdown Tournament event, in any of our locations are eligible to receive an early bird and multi-team discount when Showdown Tournaments receives full payment prior to the tournament application deadline.  If payment does not meet the postmark requirements your team will not be eligible for the discount and we will request additional payment.  Discounts will be applied as follows:

Teams Early Bird Discount Multiply Team Discount
One $25 $0
Two $25 $25
Three to Four $25 $50
Five or More $25 $75


We encourage all communications to be done through email to receive the best customer service from Showdown Tournaments.  Send all emails to  Please choose one team contact to correspond with Showdown Tournaments about the tournament and application process.  Each team contact will act as the liaison person between their team and tournament director for all questions, concerns, or other matters.  We encourage team contacts to address questions in a single email rather than multiple emails or phone calls.  We greatly appreciate your assistance in streamlining communications.


Supplemental Information

Most applications are complete with a single submission form and payment. However, there are times when we need extra information or payment adjustments. Please visit this page to send us information or payments that have been requested.