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Tournament Officials

Brian Harrington (Reggie Dunlop “Coach”) 

Brian has been involved with youth hockey since the age of five and continues to share his passion for the game today through coaching, playing, and hosting youth hockey tournaments. During his youth hockey days, he played for various AAA teams in the Western New York area.  Brian shared two Junior National Championship titles with the Amherst Jr. Knights.  He played Division III hockey at Canisus College in Buffalo, NY and Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA where he graduated with a dual major in Criminal Justice and Accounting.  Brian has been fortunate to coach numerous boys and girls youth hockey teams over the past 30 years.  Since 1993 he has directed hockey tournaments including:  Country & Western Showdown, Crabtown Showdown, Capital Showdown, Shootout Classic, and Winter Ice Experience.  Brian works for as an auditor managing highly complex financial and operational audits of energy companies. Brian was born in North Tonawanda, NY, and has resided in Annapolis, MD with his wife and two children for the past 25 years.  On his free time, he loves outdoor pond hockey and 3 on 3 hockey, crabbing and fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, stream fishing in Lake Erie tributaries, catching rays at the Delaware beaches, eating out with family and friends, and golfing.

Robert Wefelmeyer (“Robbie”)

Rob has been with Showdown Tournaments since the first Crabtown Showdown in 2000.  He has worked as a tournament director for most of the Crabtown, Capital, and Country Western Showdowns over the past 16 years.  Rob grew up south of Baltimore in Pasadena, MD.  While never having the opportunity to play ice hockey as a youth, Rob enjoyed playing street hockey nearly every day with his neighborhood friends.  At 18 his ice hockey career began; he joined his first men’s ice hockey league and has been playing goalie ever since.  It was shortly after joining the local league that Rob met Brian and became involved with the Showdown Tournaments.  Rob still enjoys hitting the ice with Coach and the Wildman.  Rob currently lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, in town of Denton, and is a pilot for a major airline.  He is married with a son, who plays for a local youth hockey organization.  Rob is excited to be returning to coaching youth hockey this year.  In his spare time, Rob enjoys traveling, the beach, and outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting and hiking.  He is also a avid Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and knows just about every professional hockey player, coach, team, and fact about the game.

Dan Wildberger (“The Wildman”)

Dan brings 45 years of hockey experience to Showdown Tournaments.  A native from Baltimore, MD, he has played hockey since age seven.  Dan played youth hockey for Orchard Mercury in the northern Baltimore area and also the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan men’s hockey clubs.  In the past, Dan has coached youth teams in the Navy youth hockey program.  Since 2005, Dan has been a tournament director for the Country & Western Showdown, Crabtown Showdown, and Capital Showdown.  Dan works as an architect and resides in Annapolis, MD with wife Stacey and his four children, Josh, Hailey, Grace and Gavin.  In his spare time, Dan enjoys sketching, golfing and spending time with his family.

David Lengenfelder (The More Senior “Jimmy”) 

David has fond memories since the age of seven of playing pick-up street hockey in the City of New Carrollton and traveling to various sections of the city by bicycle to play opposing teams, and yes there were a few damaged quarter-panels left in his wake. As each season came to an end the guys would pass the hat and pitch in a few bucks to rent the ice at the only rink in the region to play the Stanley Cup.  Times changed and by the time David reached high school he was able to fulfill his dream of playing “Ice” Hockey full time in the Washington Suburban School Boy Hockey League.  While his team never won a championship he certainly developed many lasting friendships and memories.  After graduating from college David played hockey in various men’s leagues before hanging up his skates.  It wasn’t until years later and after the birth of his first son that he decided to dust off his skates.  David was fortunate enough to coach his sons youth ice hockey teams, sharing his memories, observing his growth, and building new friendships.  Since 2000, David has been a tournament director for the Country & Western Showdown, Crabtown Showdown, and Capital Showdown.  David currently resides in Crofton, MD with his wife and four children and enjoys volunteering for the National Ski Patrol.  David enjoys nothing more than watching the sun come up over the rink on a cold winter morning.

Vincent Rubino (“Bear”)

Vincent hit the ice for the first time at the age of four.  He began playing travel hockey around the DMV area shortly after, and continued his hockey career through high school.  Vincent now coaches boys hockey at his high school alma mater, Spalding.  Since 2003, Vincent has been involved with Showdown Tournaments, when he participated in the 3rd Annual Crabtown Showdown as a Squirt.  Over the following seven seasons Vincent would score-keep other tournament games in between his own games.  Vincent became a Tournament Director in 2011, and has since directed the Crabtown and Capital Showdown.  Vincent is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina where he majored in Finance and Insurance/Risk Management, while also minoring in Spanish.  He currently resides in Crofton, MD where he works as a forensic litigation consultant.  When not at a rink or work during spring and summer, you can find him happily sitting on a beach.

Anthony Rubino (“Ant Man”)

Anthony has been an avid hockey fan and player since he was three years old.  Like his brother Vincent, his first Showdown Tournament was as a squirt, playing in the 3rd Crabtown Showdown in 2003.  His ice hockey career continued around the Annapolis area through high school. While attending the University of Maryland, Anthony was President of Maryland Roller Hockey Club, where he helped to organize tournaments and pick-up games for his fellow Terps.  He graduated from the University of Maryland in 2017 with a degree in Computer Engineering, and is now working as a Software Engineer.  Anthony has been involved with Showdown Tournaments as a scorekeeper and tournament director since 2011.

Dylan Harrington (“Sauce”)

Dylan has been playing hockey and involved with the tournaments since a very young age.  At six months old he made the trip with mom and dad to the Country and Western in Nashville, TN.  At two years old, Dylan got his first shot of skating at Granddad’s outdoor ice rink in Reston, VA, where he push a bucket around the ice to keep his balance.  Over the years, he has been integral in coordinating and leading the tournament scorekeepers and on ice skill competitions, and has recently become a tournament director.  Dylan played hockey for many local teams in his youth, eventually going on to play  at DeMatha Catholic High school in Hyattsville, MD and then Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA.  Currently, Dylan is pursuing a major in Hospitality Management and playing ACHA D2 hockey at Mercyhurst.

Danny Corns (“Cornsy”)

Danny grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and has been playing hockey since stepping on the backyard pond at age three in 1957.  His playing career took him to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and from there to the professional ranks in  Liege, Belgium where he played in the Continental Hockey League for five years before retiring in 1982.  Over the years, Danny has  influenced many players, coaches, and parents in the Southeast region and in his home town as a coach and referee.  Since 1994,  Danny has played a major role in the referring, scorekeeping, and administration aspects of the Country & Western.  Besides the Country & Western, he also assists with the coordination and running of other local hockey tournaments.  Danny currently resides with his family in Nashville, TN.


Teddy Whitehead (“Radio”)

Teddy has been a part of the showdown tournament family since 2013 as a scorekeeper and on ice helper in the skills competition. He has played for many teams around the are before playing for DeMatha Catholic High School. He is going to be attending Towson University starting in Fall 2017 where he looks to pursue a degree in Health Sciences and play ACHA D1 hockey.

Sandy Corns (“Sandar”)

Sandy grew up in a great hockey town of Madison, WI.  Growing up she was an avid fan of the game and it only fit that she met and married a hockey player in 1979.  She has been involved locally in the Nashville Youth Hockey program and served as a board from 1998-2008.  As a parent, she cheered on and supported her three boys in youth hockey from mites to juniors.  Since 1994, she has been in the stands watching her boys participate in the Country & Western.  In 1999, Sandy became the lead scorekeeper and on ice coordinator for the Showdown Olympics and continues to lead these roles today.  Sandy currently resides with her family in Nashville, TN.

Kaylyn Harrington (“Googly”)

Kaylyn heads all off-ice activities addressing team registration and tournament needs.  At 9 months, Kaylyn had her first skating experience at Grandad’s outdoor ice rink in Reston, VA.  When she was younger she loved public skating and for a brief extent gave hockey a firsthand try in an initiation program at age six.  Over the years, Kaylyn played many sports, including basketball, lacrosse, softball, and field hockey.  Personally, she has a passion for computer and video games, spending time with friends, and playing cello and at times piano.  She recently graduated from Broadneck High School in Annapolis, MD and is taking her next life adventure at James Madison University as a science major.

Kelly Corns Brunner (“Kelly Rose”)

Kelly has been involved with youth hockey most of her life.  Although she never played hockey, she skates and was a certified referee from at age 13 to 15.  In 1996, she began scorekeeping for the Country & Western tournaments.  Over the years, Kelly has played a significant role in coordinating the off-ice activities at the Country & Western, and working the front lines to appease and assist coaches, parents, and players with their many questions and perform essential duties to administrate the tournament.  Kelly resides with her husband and two children in Nashville, TN.

Matthew Corns (“Diesel”)

Matt hit the ice at a young age and spent most of his career playing travel hockey in the local Nashville youth hockey program.   His playing career took him to Saskatchewan in 2006 and then to Atlanta where he played junior hockey before settling down and pursuing his professional business career.  Since 1994, Matt has been involved with the Country & Western tournament as a player and overall assistant.  He became a full time scorekeeper when he became too old to play in the tournament in 2005 and continues to take the trip from Atlanta to assistant when not tied to his work and other priorities.

Daniel Corns III (“D3”)

Daniel was the first of three brothers to play in the Nashville Youth Hockey League.  He started playing hockey when ice time and teams were scarce in the Southeastern region of the country.  His youth hockey required lots of travel to play opposing teams from the North, South, and Midwest regions, as Nashville only had one sheet of ice and few teams when he first started playing in 1994.  Over the years, Daniel played in many Country & Western Showdown tournaments making long lasting memories.  In 1999, he took the reigns as a scorekeeper and referee at the tournaments.  He left the area for several years to pursue career ambitions in Wisconsin and has recently returned to Nashville TN were he has made his way back to the tournament as a scorekeeper.

Daniel Brunner (“DB”)

Daniel married into the Corns family and quickly got indoctrinated to hockey.  While he never played organized youth hockey as a kid, the influences around him quickly grew on him.  He first hit the ice at local public skates, and then began working the on ice skills competition at the Country & Western.  He became hooked and has since joined an adult league at the Ford Ice Center in Antioch, TN.  Daniel has been keeping score and assisting with the Showdown Olympics at the Country & Western since 2010.  He currently resides with his wife and two children in Nashville, TN.

Michael Corns (“Flowmaster”)

Michael followed in the footsteps of his father and brothers starting hockey at a young age.  Since 2000, he has been playing travel hockey in the Nashville Youth Hockey League.  During that time he had the opportunity to play in several Country & Western Showdown tournaments.  He is a master of all trades and helps both on and off the ice to provide a great experience for the players, coaches, and parents.

Ellissa Corns (“Lissa”)

Ellissa has been involved with youth hockey most of her life and has been at many Country & Western tournaments with her mom, dad, uncles, and grandparents over the years.  In her middle school years she would be at all of the tournaments and help out where ever needed.  She just wanted to be part of the experience.  When entering high school she began working as a regular staff member at the Country & Western tournament in 2013.